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Zip-Lock Squat Packing

Real Riders, what do you use to pack while traveling state-to-state? Do you use baggers, backpacks, small/large luggage, trash bags to cover your backpacks or waterproof traveling containers. We would like to know.

Share a portrait and/or thirty second video or less of how you pack while riding on two wheels.

Testimony. My sister struggled with packing on a crotch rocket.

Black Beauty arrived in Brandeton, Florida with three massive bags of clothing, shoes and accessories. I said "sis How are going to load all that stuff on a crotch rocket?" I have a better suggestion, let's organized your outfits, accessories and underwear into categories.

I went to the kitchen and retrieved seven zip lock bags.I assisted my sister with sorting her jeans, shirts, socks, swim wear and under garments. I suggested she use her gluts and core to squat in a chair while sitting on the gallon size zip lock bag. While sitting be sure to zip lock three fourths the way towards closure and leave about half an inch to let out air "Oh my God, it works" Black Beauty said. We are now ready for our long journey on the east coast! Since I did not have video, I found one on how to use zip lock packing from the Pack Hack.

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