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"Oh You Ride a Motorcycle."

Do you ride a motorcycle? Have you been asked this question, while in your professional attire or having a brief conversation while putting your helmet on?

I am confused on how to approach this constant, repetitive question when I am coming AND going from work.

I am going to tell a narrative short scenario of how a conversation flutters in the wind, while been "degraded" or looked down upon for riding motorcycles by non-motorcyclist.

Once upon a rider, there was a nurse who worked at a relative huge international prison. While throttling through the suburbs on her Yamaha V-Star, hair blowing in the wind, she enters the parking lot of her job. While descending from her "Blazing Chopper", one of her co-workers shows enthusiasm for her riding a motorcycle and being a female rider. Listen, here it comes- that question. "Oh, I didn't know you rode a motorcycle." How long have you been riding? Are you in a gang? My immediate response was defensive; however, I stayed polite and responded in a moderate tone. Evidently, my response was not heard clearly. So, HE asked THAT question again.

How would you response to a person or persons who asked you THAT question? Or, what did you say when you were asked THAT question after many months or years?

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